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Two new films by Leah Jean
Well, I thought that I was going to be starting work on Monday ... but the govt went and delayed my processing. Rats! I'll just have to sit around at home and try to get some more stuff done ... and maybe some stuff not done. And all of this beautiful weather lately? What a shame. :-) Guess I'll have to go practise my golf swing some more. And unless I get some type of temporary work thru my company, this could take another month. If anybody else in our extended family wants to become a govt contractor ... lemme talk to you first!

But since I had thought earlier this week that I only had a few more days of freedom before heading back to the grindstone, I bugged my hubby to print out a few of those free movie rental coupons that he can get through his Block Buster video rental web site. And I went out to get a couple of films that I figured Daryl would probably never rent. Two love stories.

First, I got the latest movie version of "Pride and Prejudice", the one that I'd mentioned before with Keira Knightly. Eh. Unfortunately I've already read the book at least 2 times and seen several movie versions, so I was a little disappointed. It was even worse then the Harry Potter films for trying to get a lot into a short period of time. To be fair, they did get in most of the high points of the book. But brother, you almost got dizzy zipping through the scenes. The editor of this film must have had a nervous breakdown after finishing this film! The director did go for earthy look scenery making everything look very realistic for that time period. It was interesting, but didn't really work for me. And you didn't get time to know any of the characters hardly except for the heroine, Lizzy (Elizabeth Bennett). The acting was good, but they really shuffled people in and out of scenes. I am too spoiled after watching the mini-series version that was at least 5 hours long and was very thorough ... but almost a bit slow. Keira did a good job of acting, but I think she was a little too sexy for the role. Miss. Bennett was supposed to be a model of decorum but with spirited attitude. I got to admit, it was kind of fun having some obvious physical attraction between the main characters, but it didn't quite fit. And speaking of the leading actors, I had previously caught Matthew Mac[something or other] on a few shows of the British series "MI5" (on the Arts and Entertainment channel). I was quite impressed with his acting ability. But I thought it was a pity that he didn't really have more time in this movie. Donald Sutherland played Lizzy's dad. His acting was okay but I understated. He spoke so softly I had trouble hearing him and didn't really show his humorously sarcastic side. I'd rather recommend the mini-series version ... if you have the time.

The other film I rented was "Brokeback Mountain". I've liked Heath Ledger's acting for a long time. He was very good in the intelligently done teen flick "Ten Reasons I Hate You". [I think that's the title anyway.] And he was also very good in a "Knight's Story". The film was a little goofy in spots (the lead actress's wardrobe and personality were a bit "off the wall") but another very enjoyable film. Both films had very good supporting actors and enjoyable scripts. Okay, I'll even admit that Ledger rather stood out in the slighly juvenile "Roar" British series that has been on T.V. a few times. But the plots are rather lame.

As to the movie "Brokeback Mountain" itself? I only have one comment: a softly spoken, "Wow".



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