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Spam.... by J. Tankersley
I think I'm beginning to like spam. It's usually pretty insane. I don't know what their intention be funny or serious...but they make me laugh at their sheer lack of something more instructive to do.

It's a beautiful day in T. Town, and I have spent most of the day outside watching things grow. Now, that's a serious job! Summer would be such a pleasure if you didn't have a lawn to mow. When I come in from the back yard I,m usually too tired to do anything else so I sit at the computer and write while I rest. That explains my crazy notes. I didn't mean to imply that I mow the lawn. I don't. I'm speaking of all those other things that I find to do out there. As I re-read this it didn't make too much sense, but that's the best I can do today. My only intent in writing here is to hear from all of you who read it. It is a real joy to read letters from any one in our wonderful family. You are a sspecial group!

Love you ,everyone!

Judy Tankersley


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