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Oops, I forgot my topic! (Added by James) by Leah Jean
Hope you all had a fun-filled or productive Memorial Day extended weekend. Mine was definitely productive with some fun. The state of Maryland had really nice weather for a change. Hardly a cloud in the sky and warm. The really good thing was that Daryl spent almost the whole time with me! [He's having trouble with his arm so he has been laying off of the golf tournaments a bit. But then no one usually has any kind of tournaments over major holidays because too many people go out of town.] But our Saturday started off with outdoor work. I mentioned that our deck needed serious cleaning ... and he agreed! So he spend part of Sat. and Sun. pressure cleaning the deck and front porch. [Unfortunately things have a tendency to mildew around here a bit and the deck really is suceptible. So he did the gadget thing and played with the high pressure water cleaners and I did the old fashioned watered down bleaching of the spindles. I guess it was worth the slightly irritated skin on my arms and knees to (sort of) keep in step with my energetic husband. But after all that work along with some other yard work, we still managed to go golfing today. And brother, am I ready to go back to work to rest now!

I did get to spend a good time with the folks, Henry, and Cindy, and her brood a few weeks ago when I visited home. We managed to have a small birthday (Dad turned 87) and Mothers' Day party over at Cindy's house for the folks. Bobbie (okay, now he's "Bob" since he's getting ready to head off to college) Cindy's kid can cook a mean steak. And Cindy did some good mashed potatoes and salad. Man, was I a pig! Of course we had cake ... uh ... sans candles. Julia only showed up for a few minutes to say "hi". Not surprising since she'd just been thru a grueling week of finals. She'd finished taking 18 hours that semester! Ugh! And I heard that she never planned on doing that again. :)

I find it amazing that I didn't gain a few pounds down there in Oklahoma though. A few days earlier before the B'day/Mothers' Day bash, Henry had recommended we do barbeque (spelling?) take-out from a little family owned place called Elmer's. It was very good! Okay, the sausage was a little too spicy for my tolerance. But the ribs, pulled pork, and bologne were yummy! And then Dad had cooked up some cookies and pies that were very tasty. To make up for some of the calories that I was consuming (a lot!) I mowed their yard one day and exercised in the hotel room before bedtime each evening some.

Of course I loved telling people back here in Maryland about how it is so much fun visiting Oklahoma in May. Because the first evening I was there and Mom, Dad, Henry, and I were just finishing up our barbeque dinner when the Tulsa warning sirens started wailing. Good grief. So we spent about the next hour in front of the T.V. watching the meterologists pointing out possible tornadoes in our vacinity. And a few weren't too far away from where we were. But the experts said they were only F-1s (very small tornadoes) so we weren't too worried. Henry still kept us in stiches with his warped sense of humor. Cindy didn't show up until later that evening because Bob had some kind of drama thing at school that she went to watch. [That's another story!]

Guess I'll be hearing about you party animals over in Arkansas before too much longer. Hope you guys have good weather!



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