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Nick in Doha by Julie V
Quick update on John Wesley. Nick made it into the country w/o any problem and has been meeting with the attorneys and the embassy. It looked as though an appt to see his dad was at least 2 weeks out but he phoned last night and said the embassy had been granted permission to take him tomorrow (today actually). I'm hanging around the phone for a full report! Leah, thanks so very much for the offer. We are using Ms. Ali in DC, sight unseen, but she seems competent and tough! Following is an interesting observation from Nick about Mr. Majdalany.

Hey Aunt Julie,
I just got back from an hour long meeting with Mr. Majdalany. He is about 70 years old, tall and stooped, and he spoke intelligently and honestly about the case. Before our meeting, Ellen called me to say that Mr. Majdalany had called her, concerned with an email he had received from mom demanding full power of attorney before she would pay any lawyer. I didn't see this email, but Ellen and Mr. Maj were both concerned and unsure about what the family should do. I'll make a couple of points covering what Mr. Maj and I talked about,
and then
talk about my response to them.

1.) We discussed the chances for conviction, and he stated plainly that he thought dad would be 'condemned'. He quickly added, however, that after conviction, he felt that they would send dad back to the US.

2.) He mentioned the Jordanian spy case (a Jordanian man was convicted
of spying
and sentenced to death, but was simply deported), and he expressed his belief that with some political pressure, we would be able to get dad home. He
said that he felt that a letter from the Secretary of State would do
the trick.
I dropped a couple of other names (Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, etc), and he said that both of those men have good contacts here, and would be
sufficient. I
found this very encouraging.


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