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Please Write!!! by Sandra
It's me again with a plea! If any of you are keeping up with Margaret's blog, then you already know from her posting of yesterday that John Wesley really enjoys the "handwritten" letters from everyone. He has written replys but they are coming by "pony express" by way of North Carolina and Arkansas. :)

Please write to him. As he told Sybil over the phone one time, "just write and tell me about the cat" if you need something to write. A two page typewritten letter in a legal sized envelope costs $.90 to Qatar. John Wesley is worth so much more than that. Got a cat, a dog, a mule?? Write about it! His address is:

John Wesley Downs
P. O. Box 6949
Block 1, Central Jail
Doha, Qatar

Margaret makes postings about her visits each Friday. Check them out at:

Have had some rain this morning, now slightly cloudy, but the garden is growing. I savor the green, because all too soon it turns that absolutely delightful brown.

Leah, I'm sorry you won't be around for the mid-June event in Eureka Springs, but I'm glad that your visit went so well as you ate yourself around the Tankersley abodes. Ah, but the food tastes so good when you're with family!

Jeff, are you still planning to be in the area and go to ES? Would be great if all the Tulsa Tanks and you could be there. We're planning to go down for the day on Friday and hope to see everyone then. Janell and Junior have already said they cannot come, but I do not know about Patricia, James and their respective families. Anyone got a prod I can borrow, particularly for Patricia?

Take care everyone!


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