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Honeymoon - day one by James & Courtney Deming
Greetings from San Francisco!

We flew out from Tulsa this morning at 7 am, landing in San Jose at 10:30. We then took the San Jose shuttle to the Caltrain station and rode the train into San Francisco arriving at noon.
We then took a cab to our hotel in Fisherman's Wharf (The Best Western Tuscan Inn) where we checked in and the front desk clerk "accidentally" gave us the best room in the Hotel (his words). The room is nice, certainly better than a standard room at the Mariott. The staff has been really nice, I can see why Frodor's reccommended the hotel. We are two blocks from pier 39, and one block from the cable cars. After we dropped our luggage off at the room, we headed out for some lunch as we were famished. Had a crab cake sandwich, and some clam chowder. We then walked over to the National park Service pier and used my park pass to gain access to the old ships, including a really neat old sailing ship. Afterwards we went to Ghirardelli Square and ate some chocolate, walked through the cannery, and then went back to the hotel to rest our feet and look over some brochures. We then headed back out to pier 39 and just wandered around and ate..first a crab cocktail, and then a nutella crepe. We also purchased tickets to alcatraz for tomorrow morning. We then had dinner at the Crab House where we ordered 3 pounds of dungenous crab. it was VERY messy, and VERY good. Afterwards we headed to the Buena Vista Cafe (home of the original Irish Coffee) to try their famous invention.

Tomorrow we plan on sleeping in (as we are still pretty worn out from this weekend), and then going to alcatraz at 11:30, we will probably then go to China Town.

Really tired, and a little buzzed from my Irish Coffee. Hopefully more later!


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