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Ahhhh, California. by Leah Jean
Sounds like you two honeymooners are having a good ol' time. Did I get the slightest inclination that you all are into eating crabs? Well, after being in Maryland for several years I've had my "fill" of them. Been to a couple of all you can eat freshly steams crabs feasts. Veeeery messy. But I do love a good crab cake and they have some good ones around here. I imagine the ones in San Francisco are awesome. But the most fun I've had with crabs is catching them. Daryl and I went to a party at one of his coworker's house that was a big nice one off of the Chesapeake Bay several years ago. They had a wharf where you could toss out a line with a raw chicken leg tied to it. Then when the line started moving you just slowly pulled the line in. It worked best if you had a partner who handled the net very slowly and got under the crab before he let go of the chicken leg while up in the air. It was pretty funny. But you had to be really careful not to get the little monsters out of the net and not get pinched! Then the hosts steamed them for us. They sure taste good when you catch them yourself. :-)

I got to travel to California several years ago when I was still in the Air Force. Drove over with one friend from Texas. And it was quite a long drive. [He was being stationed at a base in California and I just went along for the ride.] It was kind of funny because we lost a few apples while crossing into one state (Arizona or New Mexico) and then lost an orange while crossing into another state. I think the fruit flies were being pests back then so the border crossings were like going through food customs. Sheeeesh. But then I got dropped off at another friend's base and we toured around a few places. Went to Universal Studios and managed to time it so we got free tickets to the taping of a Let's Make a Deal show ... when Monty Hall was still there. It was pretty funny because the studios do seem a whole lot smaller there than on T.V. We also visited Roy Roger's Museum and got to see a stuff Trigger posed in a rearing position. Hmmmm. That was definitely the highlight of my trip! [That's sarcasm, by the way.] Then I flew back and before we even got out of the airport it rained cats 'n dogs while our luggage stood out uncovered on the tarmac next to the plane. [Someone in our group pointed it out to us since we still hadn't boarded the plane. When our plane got into Texas, I could actually wring a little water out of a sock from my soaked bag. Fortunately the airlines picked up the tab for cleaning the luggage and my one piece came back fine. But I wonder how the one couple faired since they had brand new leather luggage. They weren't too happy watching it get wet back in California. I learned never to put too much money into luggage after that. ;-)

I haven't been to San Francisco yet but I'd love to try it some time. It sounds like you guys are doing it right!



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