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Days 6-9 by James & Courtney Deming
Let us catch you up on our travels. Bear with us, this is long.....

On Saturday, we picked up our rental SUV and started to make our way to Calistoga. We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and ate lunch in Sausilito. Then we drove on to Sonoma and stopped at the Buena Vista Winery. It is the oldest winery in America, beating Korbel by about 6 months. We walked around for a few minutes, but not being wine people, we decided not to taste and drove on to Calistoga. After checking out our room at the Golden Haven Spa, we went swimming and then went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in town. James decided we should go exploring after dinner and we ened up in Santa Rosa. We found the Charles Schulz Museum and then shopped for a short time at the mall. We then drove back to the hotel.

On Sunday, we got up and drove back to Santa Rosa and ate lunch at the Warm Puppy Cafe and then toured the Charles Schulz Museum. This summer in Santa Rosa it is the Summer of Woodstock so there are decorated Woodstocks around town similiar to Cows on Parade. There was a Woodstock exhibit and an exhibit dedicated to Charlie Brown and his struggle to fly his kite. They had a neat kite made up over 40 individal kites showing the progression on Woodstock's character. We were also able to see a recreation of Schulz's studio and an actual wall he had painted a mural on for his daughter when she was a little girl. After that we went shopping at Snoopy's Gallery and Gift Shop. Let's just say we had fun shopping for souveniers and gifts. After we left the museum we decided to find James' old house. We had to call Sandy for directions and she literally had to talk us through the route, but we found it. James took some pictures so he could show Jim, Sandy and Stacia what it looks like now. We then drove back to the hotel for a swim before dinner at an Italian restaurant in town. After dinner it was time for our mudbath. James asked at the front desk what we needed to wear and was informed that the "entire process is done nude." We wiggled our way into the tub of mud, but were not to toucn the bottom because it is extremely hot. Our attendant came in from time to time to check on us, put a clay mask on our face, and to put cool towels on our head. After the mud we rinsed it off and soaked in a hot mineral jacquzzi. After that we were taken to another room for a blanket wrap--we lie on a bed and are wrapped in a blanket to "release toxins". To keep us cool, cold towels are placed behind our necks and on our foreheads. We didn't exactly feel "detoxified" just sweaty so we went back to our room to soak in cool water in our jacquzzi.

On Monday we checked out and started the drive to the coast. We ate breakfast in town and headed for Jenner. We stopped at the Korbel Winery, did their complimentary champagne tasting and then took a tour of the winery. The Korbel Brothers started out making cigar boxes before getting in the wine business. They basically use the same techniques for making champagne as they did over 100 years ago. The only difference is now it is more automated. Our next stop was Armstrong Woods to see the redwoods. Those are some tall trees. Then we drove CURVY Highway 1 to our hotel on the coast. The hotel sits on the bluff with views of the ocean. Our room is a corner room with 2 balconies looking out at the ocean. We checked in and drove to a beach and walked along the sand and got our feet wet. Then we drove back down Hwy 1 to Bodega Bay and had more crab for dinner at Lucas Wharf restaurant. We then drove in to the town of Bodega and saw the Potter School that was used in The Birds.

On Tuesday, we ate breakfast at the hotel and then drove North on Hwy 1. We spent some time at Stump Beach. James took pictures and I found some shells. We then drove even farther north and stopped at the Point Arena Lighthouse. It wa built in 1870 and was used in the Mel Gibson movie Forever Young. James and I climbed 136 steps up to the top, well not exactly the top, we were about 7 steps short of the top, but no one is allowed up to the lamp anymore becuase some lady carved her name in the lamp with her diamond ring. (It wasn't me-her name was Marlene). We then drove back to the hotel and rested for a little while before we drove back to Bodega Bay to eat at the Tides-the restaurant in the Birds. It isn't the same restaurant-the origional burned in 1968. After dinner we stopped and spent some time at another beach. I tried to write "Courtney loves James" on the sand, but after I did, a big wave came up on shore and we had to run to get out of it's way. We then came back to the hotel and decided to write all of this down. More tomorrow when we have internet access again.


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