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Honeymoon - Day 10 by James & Courtney Deming
Woke up early this morning to the sounds of sea lions barking on the shore below. Packed the car and headed out south on Highway 1, destination Point Reyes Seashore and Lighthouse just north of San Francisco. Walked on one of the Beaches and saw the lighthouse from a top the stairs down to it (It was closed). Drove along Highway 1 to the Golden Gate Bridge, crossed the bridge and exited at the Presidio for a visit to the Palace of the Legion of Honour. Many great artworks here including a special Monet Exhibit, a large Rodin collection, Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh, ect. Then drove to the Cliff House on the pacific coast side of San Fran for a late lunch. Then headed south to Monterey around rush hour. Arrived in Monterey about 6, checked into our beachside hotel, read Janell's message and headed back north to Moss's Landing for seafood dinner. Found the spot Janell described (I think- Janell, did you have to cross a one lane bridge? Was it called Phil's Fish Market?), Courtney had Fish N Chips, and I had Ahi Tuna - very busy fish market, good food...far too many choices! I tried to inqure what THEY caught, but she just said everything fresh, so I ordered Tuna.

Dark by the time we arrived back at hotel, short walk on beach, we watched the waves for awhile until a dead sea lion washed up by our feet, we watched the ocean wash it around and take it back after a few minutes and then headed in. Walking in the sand is good exercise!

Monterey and Aquarium tomorrow, maybe Carmel and 17 mile drive if time. Friday is mainly flying home. It's coming to an end, but I think Courtney and I are ready to get home and see our kitty, and put the house in order, etc.

More soon, have taken lots of pictures!


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