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Road is a 4 letter word! by Leah Jean
Hrumph! Don't even want to hear about roads and driving right now. On the way home from work today got stuck in one really really nasty storm. It was blowing and raining so hard that you could hardly see the road or the car in front of you. And one idiot in front of me was driving a black car without the lights on!!! Fortunately I happened to catch sight of it between washer wipes as I caught up to it. And fortunately I could see the car fairly well at times because the driver kept hitting his/her brakes alot so the brake lights came on often. The driver may have gotten my hint and turned the lights on after I flashed high beams at the car a few times. I was so afraid that I was going to smack into the car during a blind spot! At least a lot of the ... ahem ... SMARTER people were pulling off the road to wait out the storm. I just kept thinking about the time Daryl said he was stuck in a rather nasty hail storm. [Brrrrrr!] So I didn't want to stop. But of course, by the time I got home it wasn't raining. But you could still hear the thunder going almost nonstop up in the clouds. I wasn't at all surprised when tuning to a special meterologist report that at least one tornado had been spotted and other possibilities had been spotted by radar. It was seriously windy! While I was driving I was a little worried about one showing up. But I was way to busy watching the cars near me to worry about such a little thing.

And I guess that lovely storm is ushering in the turn to summer. No longer will we have these constantly wonderful 70s and 80s weather. It will be going into the 90s next week. Got to get that lawn sprinkler guy out here to get our system going. Fortunately it has been a pretty wet spring this year and I heard that all of the reservoirs are finally full again. Yeah! Gardens are looking good.

Oh, and speaking of the yard ... it was such a beautiful day Monday that I was sitting at the dinette table with the back porch door wide open in front of me (I'd gotten sunburned Sunday when playing golf with Daryl so I sure wasn't sitting outside) peacefully reading a book. When suddenly I heard several small quick "whacks" coming from the back porch area which caused me to look up startled! And it was just in time to see a golf ball bounce across the deck (probably hit a tree or 2 then bounced off a few parts of the deck and possibly the side of the house). First I did a quick check of all the windows on that corner of the house and then went and retrieved the golf ball out of the garden. Finally I went down and presented the ball to a pair of golfers who may have been in the group that hit it. The one guy was real nice and apologied since they were up driving near the edge of our lawn looking for a ball ... but fortunately I found his ball right next to me off the course. So at least it wasn't his. We just laughed. [At least I'll keep laughing until someone actually breaks a window!] And at least I had been sun burnt or I might have been sitting on the deck. [Gulp!]

Ah, another fun week.


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