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Good Morning! by Stacia
Hope this note finds everyone starting with a lovely day today!

I am currently watching my very active little girl feed cat treats to the Barney and Peanut - she is clearly winning them over with them! (Hopefully it makes up for all of the times she tackles them!) Yesterday, while I was on the phone with Aunt Pat, I caught her attempting to paint her toe-nails - with bright red polish! She had it all over the place, and just looked up at me, smiled and said "toes". Her curiosity just cracks me up - and keeps me busy!

Leah, thank goodness you didn't get cracked in the head with a golf-ball - that probably would have left a mark! :) And, James, you need to post more about your trip - I want to hear more about the grizzly, which I know Mom is also anxious to hear about. Ha, ha, ha!

Todd has been very busy as of late remodeling our kitchen - I forget how painful being displaced from a room can be, but he has done a beautiful job. I have more light and more space, and now we just have about 100 little crumbly jobs to finish - we are never bored around here!

Margaret, give your sweet dad a hug for us on your visit this week - we are really enjoying your notes and look forward to hearing more.

Love to you all!



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