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Thank you, Sandra and Jim, for this wonderful oportunity to keep in family contact. No one enjoys it more than I do. I wish everyone in this good family would use it. I check it every day in great expectation. Of course, some of you are a bit busier than I am!But you're not eighty years old, yet. (and you can probably write longer sentences than I can and do it correctly).

Hank and I just had a good laugh at my deteriorating memory. I had three glasses of tea poured at different places for myself. If I didn't have a good husband it would be tough. Or I might just float away. I have so many things to be thankful for and if you read this you are one of them. As mom used to say "It's better to laugh than to cry." Now! I think it was Mom who used to say this!

Cindy and Bobby are moving to Tulsa. We are all excited about it. It will be Bobby's last year of school, but he's excited about it, too. I don't know any particulars about it yet, but they have made their decision. Cindy doesn't think finding a job will be a problem for her. I hope she's right and it will be nice to have them here.

Now, it's your turn to put a message on here if you read this.

Judy T.


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