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Rain!? Oooooh yeah by Leah Jean
Hey Janell,

I can tell you've been watching the weather reports! Yes, we had rain, sometimes very heavy, up here for about 6 days in a row! And I heard something about 5 inches falling in just one day nearby. To tell the truth I haven't seen a rain total for the time frame. But suffice it to say that our lack of rain for this spring got made up ... to put it mildly... in June. Some weather person mentioned something about possibly setting a new record for the amount of rainfall in June. Geeeeee, I'm soooo surprised. NOT! I really don't know how much we got around our area, but I'm really glad we live on a hill. The one really cool thing about having so much rain up and down the east coast was that when it finally stopped the air smelled soooooo fresh. But that was only for the one morning. It actually reminded me back when I was a kid of Oklahoma after a rain storm. Now that was a rare treat!

And how do you know when it has been raining a lot?

You're cats don't get nervous anymore when they hear thunder in the distance. The sad part is that they keep bugging you when you're in the kitchen and they don't stay hidden in the basement.
You start growing webbed skin between your toes and start understanding what the duck is saying on the AFLAC commercials.
Someone on the local news announces that the T.V. station's producer has started collecting animals in pairs.
The concept of "car pools" starting taking on a whole different meaning. Like who has a boat for getting to work?
You give drivers a wide berth on those road turns because you just slide a little the day before on a sharp corner. So you are not at all surprised to watch that big dump truck in front of you suddenly shimmy a little bit on the same turn the next morning in the rain.
You learn to leave for work a little earlier each morning. Because if you think that traffic "bit the big one" before ... you ain't seen nothin' until you've had to endure very soggy roads, off and on poor visiblity, and much slower rush hour traffic for several days in a row.

One other thought. If any of you have ever been to "The Mall" in D.C. (on which sits the Capitol Bldg., White House, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Vets Memorial, a lot of the Smithsonian museums, etc.) you've probably noticed or had pointed out to you that the Washington Memorial is "two toned". That's because the tall pointed obilisk was built from marble stones that were quarried from 2 different locations. Pranksters will tell you that the darker stones on the bottom were caused by a great flood in D.C. several years ago. Hmmmmm. After the last week of rain, the pranksters may be getting close to the truth. :-)

I will leave you all with one final musing. We are still just getting into the hurricane season. Hope some remnants hit your area because we've already made up our water deficit this year.

Quack quack (that's "Love" in duck lingo),


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