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Leah's message by Judy Tankesley
Yes, Leah, I noticed your slight error in your last message, but I think everyone got your meaning, and right now I don't remember what the error was, so I don't think it was of such great consequence. I'm always reminded of the Literature professor I had at O.U. who couldn't spell either, and referred to his students for help when he wrote on the blackboard. So I think it's in the genes, so just write and don't worry about it. I know you're brilliant!

Cindy will be coming to Tulsa, to stay, next week. Bobby will be comimg with her, so he will have to live near a good school. I wish them all the luck in the world and will be happy to have them nearby. I think she has enough business experience to find work easily. It will depend on the job market in Tulsa at the moment. I think it is pretty good. We shall see!


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