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Hodgepodge by Sandra
Hi Everyone,

I feel terribly guilty enjoying the messages and not posting, so I'll make a feeble effort tonight. The hour is late, but here goes.

First off, I'm absolutely thrilled for you, Judy and Hank, that Cindy and Bobby are moving to Tulsa. It will be so nice for all of you to have more time and adventures together. All my best wishes for Cindy. As handsome as Bobby is, he'll love being the "new man" on campus and all the attention he is going to get. It might be kinda frightening for Cindy! :)

Summer is here and I'm so tired of watering already. Sometimes I wonder where all the water is going in my garden. I fear I'm just making a swimming pool somewhere down deep for the moles. My tomatoes look great, but they don't seem to be setting as much fruit as in past years. A lot of my perennials aren't as nice this year, too. The drought took a toll I suppose. Leah, I wish we had gotten just a little of your rain.

I've meant to thank all of the family who attended the wedding. So glad that you were there, even if I didn't get to spend enough time with any of you. We enjoyed every minute and hope that you did, too. The pictures are on the web, and the "family group picture" is on the following page, should you like to see them:

Courtney and James own the rights to the photos and will be getting copies for all that want them.

Hope all of you have a nice 4th of July week-end. I've heard fireworks all evening coming from the neighbors, so I'll be out picking up the remains from the lawn tomorrow. Bah! I really don't mind, but I don't remember who used to clean up the waste when we were kids. Must have been Mom.

Stacia is "fat and fine" with only 6 more weeks to go until the baby. That time is going to fly by, and I still can't imagine having a grandchild. All I can say is, I'm just glad we're not elephants. :) I sure would get tired of waiting.

Talked to Sybil today. She sounded great. Nicholas is keeping them posted with regular updates from John Wesley. The next hearing isn't until October (the doofuses take the summer off!), but it does give the DC attorney time to prepare the case. We'll think positively.

Take care all! Love you!



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