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John Wes move a piano? by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on September 02, 2004 at 21:22:48:

Just had to have a good snicker about John Wesley and the piano. No, Sybil and he didn't move it. I heard from Mom about the situation when Sybil and John visited Mom and Dad recently. Apparently John went over to move the piano by himself. Fortunately, there were a couple of furniture movers working on the same street. So when John realized what he was up against, he talked the guys into helping him load the thing into his vehicle for a little cash. John, I used to think you were such a smart guy. Okay. Typical brainy type: tons of analytical gray cells but a little short on the common sense. [Guffaw!]

By the way I have a piano for sale too but I don't think anybody in the family would want to make the drive to pick it up. ;-) By the way a lot of people don't like to buy up-rights because they are so big. My second piano is a console or the shorter version. I learned a lot from owning the first piano which was an up-right that turned out to have "internal problems". Apparently a person who tuned the piano used a spray to make the tuner pegs stay in place (causes the wood around the pegs to swell). But either this deteriorates the wood faster or shows that the piano isn't holding a tuning very well in the first place. Oh well. C'est la vie! and Laissez Faire (isn't that "let the buyer beware"?).

Yes, I had a pretty good visit with the folks. I was worried about Mom especially getting along but her and Dad seem to be doing pretty good. Okay, Mom does forget things a little but not really all that noticeable. Henry had already told me that Mom wasn't doing that bad and I now concur. Dad gave me quite a tour of the Osage Indian areas in Oklahoma. We even stopped by Woolaroc Museum and that is a very pretty and interesting place. Of course, it helped that Oklahoma has been awfully wet this year and so everything was nice and green. Something that rarely occurs in August! But we got a big kick out of the animals that were roaming around the museum grounds and the ones that were pinned up. There was one longhorn steer that had the biggest rack of horns I'd ever seen! Needless to say he wasn't standing up. The museum itself is quite impressive. And the layout of the art objects made you feel like you were kind of in a house. Henry later informed us that the museum used to be the home of the other Phillips brother (the one brother donated his house too, Philbrook Art Museum). Okay, I could see Philbrook being a mansion at one time. But Woolaroc? Each of those rooms had ceilings that went up higher than 2 floors! That's a little too grand for me. They had a complete small plane suspended from the ceiling in one room.

Spent a good time with Henry too. He's such a sharp guy ... and still has that really bad sense of humor. ;-)
But got to admit that I did miss my home and all my little conveniences like having the Sci-Fi channel on cable T.V. Also it was good to get out of those 100 degree temps that hit Oklahoma. Gads, it was so hot there!



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