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Happy 4th by James Deming
Just wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July. Courtney and I came over to Pryor yestersday to spend time with the folks and go to the lake with some friends. Had dinner with mom and dad last night and watched some TV and looked at some pictures. Today we are hanging around the house and then going to a BBQ at a friends house on the lake. Tomorrow we might go out and play on the lake in our friends boats. Not much else going on, Courtney and I have been working on getting our house put together. We finally made up our bed with the new duds, thanks for those in the rose family that gave us bedding, the bed looks great!

I am still planning on doing some work on Rosenose - particularly on the photo gallery. I am really in need of some good old pictures to add to it! Anybody with pictures to add, please send em my way, either digitally or physically!


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