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Wonderful Weekend by Janell Rose
Last weekend was the most wonderful weekend - we had a surprise visit from Russ and Carolyn Benton. They finally made the trip from Greenbriar to Dallas and we are so glad they did. Thank you Russ and Carolyn - we really enjoyed your visit - when we came in the house Sunday night, Jr said, "those two are so much fun." You have no idea how much we appreciated your visit. JR so needs to see more of his family - we feel so isolated and far away. And we were hopeing you did not get too wet with those Sprinkles on Monday Night at the Ball Park. At least you brought the Rangers Luck - they won the game.

James and Courtney, I am about to wear out your Web Site and RoseNose looking for your wedding pictures. We sure missed coming to the wedding. I simply did not feel I could make that long drive with my right knee and even tho JR drives around Irving - it is too much for him to make a long drive. I have an appointment Monday to set a date for a knee replacement and believe me this is not something I want to do. Eileen is pushing me tho - she thinks it needs to be done in July because her school starts again Aug. 4.

Leah, sure wish you could send some of your rain our way. Our lakes are down about 2 feet according to the news. Eileen & Paul got over an inch of rain Wednesday, Flights were delayed over an hour at DFW - but it did not reach us. We got a small shower last Sat. night and that has been it. JR had a big bush tomato plant in a large planter on the deck, even with watering, it has died - he has been out in the yard pulling up more tomato plants this week. I must say he did have some beautiful tomatoes and all we could eat for about a month. Guess now - I will have to go back to the store and they sure do not compare with his home grown.

Most all our family was home for JR's 80th Birthday. Paul grilled the steaks - it was a Fun evening - just never long enough. Carolyn came in on his Birthday and had to leave the next morning.

Better start preparing for bed - Jr has gone through the paper this evening and made his list of Estate Sales - so I have to set an early alarm or be left behind. Best Wishes to All, Love, JR. and Janell


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