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Wedding Pictures by Janell Rose
James & Courtney, the wedding pictures were fabulous - I guess I was at this computer an hour viewing the slide show - made me almost feel we got to attend your wedding. Courtney, you were such a beautiful bride and James a handsome groom. You certainly made an outstanding couple. We wish you many, many years of happiness.

James, I have to say that I was amazed at the other pictures on your web sites. You are really a wonderful photographer. Looks to me like you could sell some of your photographs. Really beautiful and I loved that Moose. I have always wanted to see a Moose in the wild and the shot you captured was fabulous, those eyes were amazing.

On our home front - JR went out and pulled all his tomato plants yesterday. Most of them were still green but the tomatoes they were growing in our dry, 102 heat are about golf ball size and hard. He said "tired of dealing" with them in the heat. He has had a lot of beautiful tomatoes for the past 6 weeks - all we could eat, plus gave to Eileen's Family and to Carolyn when here for his Birthday. (He did pick some green tomatoes) I made him "Fried Green Tomatoes" with his sausage and soft boiled eggs yesterday. I have a great recipe that was featured by a Dallas Chef in the newspaper - if anyone wants. JR used a small hand held snipper and rubbed a big blister on his thumb and forefinger cutting up all those tomato plants so he could put in the compost. He said he used to be "tougher" he is getting soft in his old age. Wish you all could see him - he is "tired of shaving" and is growing a beard and mustache. Does not look bad - just not used to the beard, I am waiting for the Family to come in and see what they have to say. He said he is saving razor blades....oh well....

Today, we got up and went to an Estate Sale - bought Nothing - higher than the dickens. I did not even see anything I wanted to go back after at noon tomorrow when they will go 50% off. Prices will still be too high - unless you are going to take it home - keep and love your purchase. That is basically the way all the Estate Sales are getting these days - stand in line for 30 min. or longer in lines of up to 25 - 40 people. It is just too hot. We did see another sign for an Estate Sale that was not in the paper. Very sweet elderly lady selling glassware in her garage - came out of a True Value Hardware they closed about 20 years ago. I managed to spend nearly $200. And - not for a lot of pieces. Just finished washing all and have on the Dining Table. Sometimes, it is hard to pack these especially beautiful items and take on to the Mall. Yet, I still seem to have most of our "old stuff" collected and used through the years - a lot were gifts from the Girls. Not as much value - but a lot more memories which is more important to me.

Better get busy - Wish everyone a beautiful summer - wish we could make it a little cooler. Need rain desperately. Love to all. JR and Janell


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