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Photos by James Deming

Thanks for the compliments on my pictures. I was really lucky to stumble on that Moose. The day before we had stopped at a turn out to see what a crowd was watching, and they were watching a Moose way across the lake - you could barely see him standing at the edge of the water. Everyone was excited (Including me) because we all got to see a moose (I took pictures of the little dot). The moose was in the water dipping his head in to eat moss & grass under the surface, and then lifting up his head with water pouring off his antlers. It was a really neat site. Little did I know I was going to be within 15 feet of one the next day.

I was walking along the Jenny Lake trail when I heard a crunching uphill from the trail. I looked up and saw this beautiful moose munching on low branches in the trees. My friend Matt was about 30 feet in front of me on the trail and oblivious that I had stopped to look at a moose. I tried to get his attention quietly, and finally risked startling the moose (Later finding out it was a really bad idea to startle a moose) and shouted Matt's name. The moose was unfazed and continued eating while I motioned for Matt to walk back down the trail. I took off my backpack and dug out my camera and started shooting pictures, the moose never moved! We finally walked on leaving him to his lunch, and later ran into another hiker and asked him if he saw the Moose...he said "yea....did you see the bear?!?" We hadn't seen a bear, but apparently were in the vicinty of one not far from the moose. I still have yet to see a bear in wild, we tried really hard that trip.


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