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Sandra by Pat
Saw Sandra tonight and was so thrilled...she was her sweet sarcastic self. lol Her surgery went well and is on her way to full recovery. Of course we realize that she has to keep fighting for a while since she will begin her chemotherapy in a couple of weeks. I learned today that the doctor said he was able to get about 96% of the tumors. Keep our dear 'life of the party' in your prayers and as she says "send me good vibes."

Tomorrow they will be inserting the port that will deliver the chemo. She is in good spirits and loves all of you dearly. Her children and their spouses have been wonderfully suportive, and it has been great to have a nurse leading me around, explaining everything. That Stacia is a great person to have around when someone is sick. Boy, can she ask the right questions! We are so lucky to have so many nurses in the if we only had a few doctors we could open up our own hospital. Yep, something we better start thinking about.

Well, I really sound silly so I'm going to put my tired ole body to bed. Love all you dear ones so much. Please keep sending the good vibes.



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