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Looong Hot Summer by Janell Rose
We wonder what everyone else is doing. No one is Posting? Stacia, looked at all your pictures - loved them, And you looked so cute. We are waiting on your "baby news" And know All your family is ready and waiting for this little Angel. Its going to be hard for this baby to stay in your arms with all the "doting" family around.

JR and I are starting to really feel these long hot days, Summer seems to be stretching out forever and August is not even here yet. We have water restrictions and our lawn is really showing the lack of water And the lack of rain. NOt to mention the City of Irving has nearly destroyed all our front medium, broken off the Crepe Myrtle in the medium. Plus they have over 10 feet of our sidewalk broken out and dug 6 ft. up in the yard to put a city clean-out for the new sewar line. We have had heavy duty equipment - BIG YELLOW EQUIPMENT - parked on both sides of our drive for 3 days now and we are driving across metal plates from the street to our drive - they cut out the strip about 6 ft. wide right next to our curb for the sewar line - went down 15 feet - like having the Grand Canyon at your front door. Finally they covered in and have poured some concrete - leaving a cut-out space to put in about 4 inches of asphalt. JR has said over and over - He, "has had enough" of this situation. It started in May - All the dirt blowing and the continual equipment noise is not making the hot summer any more fun - nor is all this dirt helping his allergies and my trying to clean house. OH WELL, will quit complaining - Mom always said, "there is a Silver Lining in every cloud." Sure could use some of her wisdom now.

Eileen's Family left 6:30 this morning - along with two extra Teenagers - for a trip to Austin, San Marcus and Greene. Caty and the 2 guest have a 12 noon check-in at Univ. of TX for a weekend Basketball Camp thru Sunday noon. Jaclyn is swimming in State of Texas Swim Tournament Saturday. She won 2nd. Place in Back Stroke in the Regional Tournament and qualified for State. Would be really neat to see her place at State. Cross your fingers for her. She has been Up and At Swimming 5:00 A.M. 6 days a week the entire summer. After the Tournament and Camp - the family is going to take a couple days and go to Schlitterbaum (huge natural water park in the Hill Country.) They will come back Monday Evening and Eileen will be back to Teaching on Aug. 2. Her Summer was not nearly long enough. (We are "baby sitting 2 dogs and a bunny.")

Carolyn and John are going to a New Mexico Cabin for a week in mid-August. Will be their last vacation before John returns for his final year at Texas A&M. Carolyn is loving her job - but never has any time off, all the days she is not working are being spent on research and power point presentations. She said if she does all this now while She and "Maggie" (dog) are alone - once John is there - they may have more time to enjoy her weekends. I would not want to be in the TX Panhandle, she said it was 112 last week. By the way - if anyone is interested, you can go to Caprock Canyons State Park Web Site and request Carolyn's newsletter be sent to you by EMail.

Please - let us know what is going on with John Wesley. And to the rest of the family - we would love to hear from you. Sending Love to All, JR and Janell


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