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Hello by Janell Rose
Posted by Janell Rose ( on September 12, 2004 at 01:09:16:

Everyone seems to have disappeared - hopefully, you are out enjoying this beautiful weather. Wish I had time to sit down with a cup of coffee on the deck. All I have done is run for the past month and my aching back is really telling me about it. Too much up and down and lifting. Thank goodness for Eileen, Carolyn, Paul and a wonderful neighbor. Don't know how we could have gotten through this move without them. Carolyn came on Aug. 30 and went back Sept. 2. Nearly worked her to exhaustion. We spent two long days at the Mall unpacking and setting up display (Eileen came a part of the day - she had to leave to go get Caty and Jaclyn from school) we worked until closing at 6:00p.m. After two days I told Carolyn, I could hardly move with my back and had to take a day off - wound up taking off nearly 3 days. One of those days - Carolyn helped me get on EBay. Put one item on (no bids) and then this week I am real proud that I was able to put on 7 Dolls (still no bids) all by myself. I have really been antsy about trying this - in fact I am afraid of this computer and all its possible problems. Has anyone else been covered over with Spyware? I am checking daily now. We take Consumer Report Magazine - there was a very lengthy article in a recent copy. I am going to call and subscribe Monday - right now just using the free program. Some people have had serious problems with Spys on their computer.
Wednesday - the tree cutter came and removed that 40 Ft. plus tree. I am so glad to see it gone - Jr kept looking up at the top figuring how he was going to get up there and top the tree. Tom told me "Janell, that tree is what they call a widow maker." I feel he is looking down now and saying thank goodness it is gone. Jr has really had too many of the headaches that are a result of his wreck to be climbing a tree trunk and trying to top a tree. His tallest ladder is 20 feet and the tree went on up another 20 ft. plus.

Nothing has been going on around here except work for the past month - we have been grateful for the most wonderful summer - only one 100 Degree day the entire summer and this week had a 59 morning. The only place we have gone since last Oct. was over the 4th. of July when went to Tyler. Jr. is saying he would like to take a drive and see Fall Color. We won't be finished with this move until Sept. 30. I think then we will try to go somewhere and take Andy with us. If I pick up my purse and Jr. gets his hat - Andy goes to the front door and starts looking where we keep his leash. He is terribly disappointed if we shoo him out the back door to the yard and he can not go. For someone that did not want another dog - we sure have gotten attached. Last Sunday I was watching a movie, Jr. had gone to the Den and was reading one of his tool books - I heard a crash and knew something broke. Jr. said, You better come get your dog! Went in the kitchen - one of the chairs was pulled out - Andy had gotten in the chair and on top of the table. I have a Vintage Red. Collander filled with porcelain eggs. Andy had gotten one of the eggs - was trying to get off the table with the egg, dropped and broke. Never gets boring with this dog. Love to All, JR. and Janell


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