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And it ain't cool here either. by Leah Laurange
Yes, we are NOT enjoying the dog days of summer either. Guess that must be where all you want to do is hide under a porch and stay out of the sun. At least we've been getting some rain but this week the temps will be going up near 100 deg. We are just crossing our fingers and hoping we don't get any "brown outs" electricity-wise. And electricity rates went up about 70% this month to top it all off! Apparently the price was kept surpressed by the state govt. until a private company came in and took over the business. No one is looking forward to those rising bills. Considering that the gas bills went up just about the time we moved in, I just hope that I keep working lately. But then Daryl is still working lots of extra hours because he is still handling two jobs. [One guy had a heart attack and then found cancer in his neck so he couldn't fill in on a job that opened so Daryl had to take his place, on top of doing his own regular job.] Poor Daryl is showing the wear and tear from it too.

Yes, I still have my temporary job and they like my work so much there they want to keep me permanently. We'll see. We've learned not to trust govt. contracts much lately. The one job that I had been waiting for so long was finally cut due to govt. spending cuts. Sigh. I've become known as the "permanent temporary" person. Just hope they can make me permanent. I don't dare bring my desk junk in yet. Might jinx me. ;-)

To top it all off our refrigerator died last Wed. and here it is Monday and we're still waiting for a new compressor to come in. Fortunately, with Daryl on the move all the time we don't do any cooking anymore and live on frozen, canned, or fast food. [Unfortunately we lost several frozen dinners, etc. to the desfrosting.] Plus that little refrigerator that Daryl put in downstairs so he could have his drinks and snacks near the T.V. room ... that I gave him grief over for being so extravagant ... it is coming in reeeeeeeal handy right now. I don't complain too much when I have to walk downstairs to get the catfood to feed my one cat (she's on a special vet. diet of canned food). And we can still have milk for our cereal in the morning. I'm sure that Daryl is feeling smug now for having gotten that refrigerator. But the higher electricity bills may make him whince a little later on.

Ah, the movies. Daryl and I went out to see two of the latest big budget movies and we were quite pleased with both.

"Pirates of the Carribean II" was not what you would call laugh out loud funny. But it was very clever. It had me grinning through several parts. The special affects were just amazing ... as one would expect from a Disney film. [Hmmmmm. I was kind of surprised to see that this one wasn't put under their more adult Touchstone label. Guess it wasn't quit raunchy or rude enough for that.] But it is definitely more for adults. The script was dynamic and the dialog was cheeky. The acting was superb as usual. I would advise that anyone seeing this film should revisit version 1 again first ... unless you have a good memory for plots. This time though, Daryl and I were pleasantly surprised by Orlando Bloom's acting. Either his acting improved or the director got really good about fitting in Orlando's rather calm demeanor into a lively script. ;-) But this time we were a little disappointed in Keira Knightly's performance. Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush (who still had a small part) were excellent as usual. In fact, it was rather amazing how many of the characters carried over from the previous film. That should continue on into film III since II and III were supposedly shot at the same time. Kind of like the Lord of the Rings series. Oh, by the way, they DID leave the ending of II obviously hanging. Geez, how surprising.

Daryl and I also both enjoyed the Return of Superman. We were really impressed with the plot and special affects. The first 30 minutes was had some amazingly good action. Okay, it was over the top a little and extremely unealistic at times, but it was all very inventive. The acting and script were also lively and convincing. Some of the critics were right about the guy who played Superman. He was a little bland. But then Superman isn't known for having a sparkling or dynamic character. He's Mr. All American. Plus Christopher Reeve is such a hard act to follow. Sigh. Hope they put out another one of these films. Also enjoyed that they still had the same theme music that was written by John Williams. Good stuff!

Daryl and I were happy to see a Spiderman III being advertised. But that isn't until May of next year. Sheeeeesh! Well, if I can wait for the Harry Potter series to keep coming out one by one ... then I can make it through waiting for a few others film series also. I'll just have to get the old DVDs out once in a while to enjoy those. Oh, by the way, X Men III was very good too. Hollywood has finally caught on to the fact that good movies bring in good money. Well, some of the time anyway.



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