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Goodness, I just read my last message and I sounded like such a grump over this street mess. So, I apologize - we were so relieved yesterday evening when the street crew worked overtime and left near 9:00 P.M. They moved all the heavy equipment and picked up the barriers we have been winding around since first of May. What a Blessing - we can see all the way up and down the street - of course it is "striped" where all the holes with filled with asphalt - but they really did a wonderful job making it very smooth. Someone said they were coming back to repave, We don't really know. I took cold drinks out to workers last week, one man said they will come back in about 2 weeks and fill holes in the yard & medium and lay out grass. Jr said it won't live in the heat - but maybe we can run a hose early morn and eve on the days we can water. We have restrictions - can only water before and after 7:00 A.M./P.M. on Sunday and Wednesday. One of these days it will rain again.

JR and I have been talking about "going somewhere." He said he really did not want to leave in this very hot weather as he does get up every morn and hand water with a hose which is permitted. We think about October we will make a trip to AR - I found cabins in Jasper that are Pet Friendly (so we can take Andy) we want to go see Sybil, Julie and family. Plus just get away - we have not taken a vacation since 2003. No definite plans - but we are thinking about making reservations for mid-October. Will work around Eileen's family as they get a Fall Holiday from school since their school starts so early. We may need to keep their dogs if they go somewhere. Eileen started back to school last Wed. Keller schools start tomorrow. John will be here tomorrow night, he is coming by to spend the night and we are going to keep his little Parrot while he and Carolyn go to New Mexico. Andy will probably be plenty busy watching the Bird.

I had my 2nd Hyalgen Shot in Right knee today - so going back to my book and elevate the knee on the couch. Love to all - wish we could get together when the weather gets cooler - any plans? Love you All. Jr and Janell


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