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Not Yet by Sandra
Janell, I'm so sorry about your stepmom. I know your trip to Tahlequah isn't going to be easy emotionally or physically. You'll be in my thoughts and I'm sending good vibes. Wish I could help in some way. Just take good care of yourself.

Baby Lipe is being stubborn. He/She was due last Friday, so we're just waiting. We try to stay ready for a telephone call. Stacia says they are tempted to let their answering machine pick up with one message "Not Yet!", due to the number of calls they are getting from family and friends.

James has said he would post the "event" on Rosenose as soon as possible. So, watch for the news.

Wish I could bring all of you some tomatoes. With the high cost of gasoline, I can't make those tomatoes taste like pure gold, so I'll have to send more to work with Jim tomorrow. My plants are about to bite the dust, but I'll be darned if I'm going to take them out before the last tomato is ready. I salivate at the thoughts of taking them out, cleaning up my garden and putting in my fall salad crop. Can hardly wait.

Have really been lazy here...doing only what is necessary. It's been so hot that our neighborhood is extremely quiet, not a sound when I go outside. Right now it is 101.3 degrees outside and not a leaf moving. If only the thunderstorms would prevail in our direction.

Take care and stay cool.



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