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Cruel? by Leah Jean
I'm still grinning over Mary's msg. Yo, James, consider yourself told off soundly ... and without any sound. Just be lucky you weren't within verbal reach of her. :-) Or physical reach for that matter. :-0

At least our weather went back to being about normal with a few abnormally cooler days. Hope those hundred degree temperatures don't make it up here again this year! But you guys in Oklahoma are still suffering something terrible. All the rain storms just seem to go around that state.

Daryl is starting to get back to normal. He's finally turned the "2nd job" over to another person so he is breathing much easier now. I can tell that his manner is more relaxed and he's actually smiling some. Hope the new guy can handle the job because they have some serious pain-in-the-butts for bosses there. Oh well, so what else is new?

I think that Daryl is trying to convince me to start riding bikes again. The problem is riding with him because he is in pretty good shape ... and I'm not. He's actually got a group of people from our company to go bike riding periodically though and he probably wants me to join them (some women in the group). He's even got the company boss to go along too. Dick needs to stay in shape since he is shouldering a lot of the company stress.

Daryl is also trying to get me in shape so we can take a weekend vacation playing golf. But he wanted to do 3 days of golf in a row! I simply can't do that even when I am in shape! But then he was also talking about playing at some championship golf course where you have to walk the course but they actually provide you with caddies. We've never been to a course like that before. But I warned Daryl that I would be exhausted after walking 18 holes ... even if someone was carrying my bag for me. So Daryl decided to nix me from that and just do 2 days of golf with me and I have a rest day in between. [Hmmmm, shall I do the spa or something else?] He'll do the championship course, which he says is a once in a lifetime kind of thingee. I would love to be able to do such a thing, but it really wouldn't have the same meaning to me as it would to him. Plus it will probably be quite hard and I'm very rusty right now. Do you know that it is just murder sometimes being married to an active spouse! But I shouldn't complain since he isn't a couch potato. :-)

Guess I should go dust my golf clubs off and head over to the driving range.



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