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What's happening out there? by Judy Tankersley
Posted by Judy Tankersley ( on September 15, 2004 at 18:34:24:

It's getting quiet and lonely at our house. No one writes, no one calls, (except those you don't want to call!), but I guess everyone is working to keep their lawn green! Or maybe, you have had more rain than we have.Or maybe, you've been politicing. It's that time of year again. Anyway you've been busy and happy, I hope.

I have been moving overcrowded flowers and if you're a real gardener that's as much fun as rearranging furniture. Most of my neighbors work and don't have the time to garden like I do, so I can't give them my leftovers, so I have a big compost pile. That's very good, too, for next year! Don't I sound like a real bore!! Well?

Or, I could discuss the upcoming elections, but I won't for that's dangerous territory. But every one should vote. You meet all your neighbors at the polls.

As you can tell I don't have anything to say in particular, but I just wanted to stir up some action to get some messages on here.

Every year in the fall our block (about 20 families ) has a front lawn picnic. Everyone brings his or her favorite dish and the host of the party (who is a volunteer from the last year's party) provides coffee, etc. Some bring their own chairs, etc. It is held on our driveway, or anyone in the middle of the block for everyone's easy access. It is a wonderful way to know your neighbors, and it is great how everyone cooperates. Start it on your block. You'll love it.

Hey, I'm waiting for some action on here. Give me something to complain about, something to inspire me, even to bring a tear, just anything! I'm tired of digging up and moving my plants.

I just got a political call polling all my plans for the upcoming election. It was a long and thorough poll, and I love giving my opinions.

I hope all of you, my good family, are doing very well and write a note once in a while.

Love to each of you, Judy T.


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