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Sandra by Pat
I didn't mean to post yet. These keys keep moving on me. lol About Sandra? Stacia went home with her from the hospital Sunday. According to Stacia I think she did pretty good except for not wanting to eat very much. I was up there yesterday and she was not eating anything. She was really sick (vomiting) and just feeling bad in general. Before she left the hospital, she was complaining about her tongue being red and not feeling natural. It seemed so minor compared to the other things she was going through so I guess we were just ignoring it. Anyway so yesterday she kept complaining about her tongue. I called Stacia(THE NURSE)She had pow wows with her favorite medical people and come up with the idea she probably had a yeast infection or fungal
infection from all the antibiotics. Stacia called Sandra's doctors office, and they called in a couple of anti-fungal medications. She started using them and hopefully they will do the trick. Right now I know Sandra would welcome your prayers and cards, but I can tell you if you call her and she is like yesterday she will not come to the phone. She just hasn't perked up enough yet for a phone call. She even made me call Jim at Wal Mart-The crackers were stale. She is a stinker of a patient. lol

I am hoping this medication brings her taste buds to life again so she can eat. Stacia and I are going up this evening so we will let you know if she has improved any. Keep her in your prayers and send her good vibes.

Love you all so much. I don't communicate much, but that doesn't mean you are not in my prayers and in my heart.

I hope you find this in all the other garbage on here.

Please send your good vibes to Jim and James Deming. Poor James has mono and can't go visit her. I told Stacia he could put on a surgical mask and go. Don't know if that will be a good idea or not since her system is needing all the energy she can get. Big Jim is patient with her and gives her good care.

Love and kisses,


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