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Mono & Garbage by James Deming
Just called and talked to Dad. Mom did eat a little this morning, so that is a good sign. I came down with a terrible sore throat last week shorly after mom's surgery, so I had been staying away from the hospital. Went to the Dr. on Tuesday & Friday. Tuesday they gave me an Anitibiotic and sent me home, on Friday they drew blood, but didn't tell me until yesterday (Wednesday) that I had Mono. Fortunetly the doctor had given me a steroid on Friday to help with the swelling in my throat, so by yesterday I felt pretty good and thought I was getting well, so was surprised to learn about the Mono. The nurse at the doctor's office told me I should probably stay away from mom for another week or so. I am feeling pretty good, and haven't been having the headaches, fever, and extreme fatigue that usually goes with Mono. I remember having it in college, and it was much much worse (Except the throat, I don't remember having such a painfull sore throat).

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