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Thank You by Janell Rose
Dear, Dear Pat - Thank you so much for your note. I knew better than to call the house. I could not stand it any longer, called the hospital end of last week and talked with Stacia. All Sandy's Dear Family knows this entire family is holding them in our hearts and prayers. It is just so hard wondering about her progress. I wish we were closer so could go over and help. But sometimes that is not best either. I know after I came home from heart surgery - all I wanted was to be left alone and sleep. Our Girls and JR were wonderful - but they were always trying to feed the patient and sometimes we just don't feel like eating. From what Sandra said before going in for surgery - she does need to eat and not lose weight. We pray she is feeling better soon - it is so hard to be ill - not only for the patient - very hard on the family as well. I was so glad when I got to where I could bend and pull on those long elastic stockings. Later, I wished I had a video of JR struggling with those stockings. The hosp. nurses make it look so simple.

We know Sandra has the best of care with Jim and Stacia and of course with Pat running in and out - she can not want for anything - except to get well. We hope to come that way in a month or so to visit with everyone. JR does not want to go anywhere right now - he told Eileen today he did not even want to go to their house for the 4th. We were out for a couple hours today - went to COSTCO, the traffic was terrible. Store full of long lines - JR thinks it is time to just stay home, right now he is stretched out in his recliner asleep. One thing we do need desperately is rain - it has been about 6 weeks since we have had enough rain to wet the deck and having 100 temps. Even Carolyn - has had more rain in the panhandle than we have had in Irving.

Pat, Thanks again for letting us know about Sandy. Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy 4th of July.


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