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Enjoying the weather by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on September 19, 2004 at 20:28:23:

Do you all know that about the only rain we have gotten in Maryland in over a month is what comes from the hurricanes? So I hate to say it, but some of us like to see those suckers coming up our way. And there was one mother in our office who was looking forward to a good rain for another reason. Her husband was out of town and she has 2 children very active in sports (this place runs amock with over-achiever parents/kids). :-) Her daughter had 2 soccer games and her son had a soccer game and a hockey game all Saturday morning and afternoon! She said that it was one of the few times she didn't complain about having in-laws around to help her out. The question is if they called the games. It wasn't raining that hard Saturday but the grounds were fairly saturated from Friday. Guess I'll get to find out tmrw at work. ;-)

Too bad hurricanes have to cause so much damage in other places though. Daryl's parents have (?) their retirement home (a trailor) down in guess where? Remember that trailor park that was hit so badly down in Florida when the first hurricane came through? Yep. Fortunately they were at their regular home up in New York State at the time. They did go down to check on their trailor and told Daryl that a tree had fallen on it. And we haven't heard from them since. So we were kind of wondering how they were doing thru the next hurricane that went thru. Or were there 2 of them that went thru Florida since the first? I'm loosing track. Sigh.

And speaking of Florida, the first hurricane caused even more "damage" than could be imagined. One guy at work has been trying to sell his townhouse for the last few weeks. Two times they went to closing and there were problems. The first time because of the buyer. And the second time was because the checks didn't get cut because the main office for the title co. was down in Florida. So the head office apparently had some trouble because of the hurricane and couldn't get the checks processed! Didn't know what kind of trouble, but it just delayed the closing again. And we did not have a very happy camper of a co-worker in our group last week. :-( But he was sure in a better mood last Monday when everything finally got done! Considering it was the 14th (?) and he had to have the money in the bank to cover their new house on the 15th! He was kind of sweating bullets.

As I said before though, most of the wind and heavy rains have pretty much died down by the time they get here. Ivan did produce some stronger winds when it went thru Maryland: 30-40 mph for a few days. It was enough to get a lot of the weaker limbs and branch tips to end up in the yards. And there were a lot of weaker branch tips due to the cicadas. There were several tornados though. It is kind of funny that about the only time we see tornadoes is usually with a the remains of a hurricane. Fortunately they didn't get too close to us. And this time Ivan passed on the western side of the mountains so we only got about an inch of rain. Which was all we really needed ... for now. But some of us are already looking forward to the next hurricane because there's still very little in the way of precipitation coming from anywhere else at this time.

We are so pathetic here!


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