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Zona "ZoEEEE" Elizabeth by Sandra

It's 10:33 PM and we just arrived back home from a day of roller coasting. Yes, little Zoe is just precious. Her vitals: 7 lbs. 8.8 ounces, 21 inches long, long fingers and "Rose feet". :)

Right now my computer is downloading a long email, which I suspect is James sending the pictures he and Todd took tonight.

What a day! We are so very thankful! As Mary stated Stacia had to have an emergency C Section.
I won't go into all the details, but once the decision was made that a C Section was vital, we stood in panic and in awe at the lightning speed of a fantastic team of doctors and nurses. In short order we got a thumbs up that Stacia and the baby were fine, but they wouldn't tell us whether it was a boy or girl until Todd could be in the nursery with her. Once he was in the nursery with her, they opened the shades and we got to watch such a beautiful "show". However, she and Todd were at the back of the nursery and we still couldn't see her well enough to know that it was a Zona. An attending doctor walked by and told us "IT was stemless and bald". What an absolute thrill!!!! Can hardly wait to get my hands on her!!!......and now I can shop PINK!

After two very long days at the hospital, I'll be sleeping in tomorrow ...that is, if I can sleep tonight. THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL for all the good vibes, prayers and thoughts!

Much love,


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