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Howdy Clan! by Sandra
Alright, where is everyone? I don't have a thing to write, but I'll start something. OK?

Ah, the beautiful Indian Summer weather, don't you all just love it? I have all kinds of greens coming up in my garden and I GET SO EXCITED when I see new edibles growing!

Tomorrow Sybil, Julie, Patricia and I are meeting at the Tankersley hacienda for most of the day (possibly Linda and James, too). Don't you all wish you could join us? I wish you could, but we can talk about you. :) Hank is scheduled to go into the hospital Friday for back surgery, so please remember to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

I already understand grandparents when they say, "we can hug the grandkids and play with them, BUT we can then go home". Zoe has made a believer out of me. She's soooooo sweet!

OK, someone respond with your own'll see how much fun it is!

Love you all,


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