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What have I missed? by Leah Jean
Geez, I've been having trouble with my !@#$ web connection and haven't had the heart to really pester Daryl into fixing it lately. [He's been spending a lot of time putting together our company's new computer server at home.] So I've been a bit behind on the goings on. I'm currently using his computer to write this email.

Sandra, oh what have you been up to? And I sure hope it is getting better. Doesn't sound like you have been having any fun lately. I am definitely wishing you the best and hope to "hear" your lovingly obnoxious humor soon back on the web. Miss it and you!

Well, hubby is finally home (from golfing) and its getting late so I'd better get ready for the sack and get off his computer.

I really do need to get my own computer fixed. ;)



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