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Finally saw the pics! by Leah Jean
Courtney and James, I finally went to your web site and viewed the pics of the wedding and the honeymoon. They were wonderful! And I really appreciate the way you allowed people to either maneuver "by slide" method or select individual pics. James, you do know how to make a well organized web site. It allowed me to go through the pics pretty quickly. But, eh gads, there were a lot of them! I only made it through the 1st 3 groups (professional wedding pics, personal wedding pics, and honeymoon vacation).

The honeymoon pics were quite impressive. The Goldengate Bridge with a little fog was full of mood. Some of the landscape pictures made me wish I was there. The one beach scene with all the rocks definitely caught my eye. [Was that one of the "artistic" ones?] The pictures of Alcatraz were good too. But I would suggest touching up a few of those photos that had a lot of pigeon poop in the foreground. [Yuck!] Or were you going for a realism shot or letting us know what you had to go through to get to these wonderful spots. [Snicker.] Did notice that pigeons were fairly predominant in several of the Island shots. Of course, there had to be shots of the Citicorp Bldg. Good grief. :-)

The wedding pics were very enjoyable. James, you look so much like your father. And, Sandra, when I saw your profile in one of the pictures I thought I was looking at Sybil. But I could also see a lot of my mother in that profile too. You Rose women sure look alike! [I probably fit in there somewhere because I do believe that I look a lot like my mother.]

And then there were the ... ahem ... more risque shots. I laughed at the pictures of the honeymoon mobile! Hey, isn't this supposed to be a wholesome family site? [Guffaw!] I also laughed out loud at the pictures of ... I am assuming ... the retrieval of Courtney's wedding garter by James! That was James under there, eh? Courtney, you looked a little surprised yourself in one shot.

I've got to give a special mention to the "artistic attempt" ones. There were a few that were really impressive. I could easily see them in a professional photographer's book on a coffee table.

I guess I've done enough yacking for one evening. I'll have to get back on another night to tell about Daryl's and my recent vacation. I'm sure glad that the golf haven of Pinehurst was really nice because we had to drive through tropical storm Ernesto (formerly the hurricane) for about 7 hours to get to North Caroline! [I'm still recovering from that!]

Love ya all,


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