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Sandra by Patricia
Just wanted to update you on our dear Sandra. Jim, James, Sandra and I went to a chemotherapy class this morning and went to breakfast after class. She ate like a little pig (lol) and I hope she held every bite down. She is going to have a CAT scan and PET scan Monday then see the doctor on Tuesday. I don't really understand why, but she has to eat as much protien as possible tomorrow to prepare for the PET sugars or carbs. Also she is supposed to get as much rest as possible and that includes NO TALKING. Can you believe they would ask that of Sandra? (laughing with love) I know all of you would like to call her and wish her well, but please don't. I hope she doesn't get mad at me for sending this, but I have to be her police.
Dat's my job! I'm sure she would like an email wishing her well if you would like. She loves you all so much I know she would overdo the talking and she needs as much strength as she can muster up.

Please don't (anyone) think badly of me for this. I have never set up my email on this computer (addresses that is) or I would have emailed all of you instead of using Rosenose. If you want to email me my address is I didn't use my last name so all the spammers can't get it. Hey everyone email me (good way to add your address to my computer here at home. I think I have most of you on my computer at work.

Please, all you praying people, let's pester God so much He will send a Miracle just so we will shut up! And, if you aren't a praying person, DO IT ANYWAY!

Love you all so much it hurts.

P.S. Sandra, peezz don't be made at me. Just think, you won't even have to say "good morning" to Jim. hahaha


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