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Twisting, and I ain't talkin' rock-n-roll! by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on October 12, 2004 at 18:12:22:

Ah, it is finally becoming cooler outside but I still don't feel any great desire to go out and mess in the gardens. Geez, is that possible for a descendant of the Rose family?

Anyway, I've got one piece of advise if anybody goes to an amusement park ... especially if you are at a somewhat advanced age for such shinanigans. Don't do the wooden rollercoasters! Now I know that there are some people out there who just swear that wooden rollercoasters are the coolest thing and they go to different amusement parks just to ride those wonderful old structures. But I tell you what ... from now on I require a modern rollercoaster that has headrests!

Daryl got us tickets to Hershey Park (yes, up in Hershey, Pennsylvania where they make the candy) which is a pretty good sized amusement park. And the weather was about as perfect as it could get. Sunny and with a high around 75 degrees. And having not been to an amusement park for several years, we thought that we would start off with one of the tamer rides. A wooden rollercoast which doesn't go upside down or do corkscrews. Forget that! They still cause your head to bob around like crazy. So I got a sore neck from the very first ride! And everytime after that my neck was sore after every rollercoaster ride. So we started sticking to the more modern ones that have headrests and they were so much more supportive. But my neck still continued to hurt after each ride. Daryl did start getting a little quesy after riding several coasters though. And I got to admit that the one coaster was really fun but neither of us could walk real well after all those corkscrews.

I will warn you all about one other thing though. There seems to be a tendency for coaster rides to always give you one last good jerk at the end. It is kind of funny at first, but it really doesn't help a sore neck after you've had the last final big jerk just before ending the ride. And you are usually facing forward so when the stupid jerk happens it throws your head forward, headrest or not!

We did do a few other things in between coasters though like eat lunch (amazingly), visit the Park's little zoo, ride a relaxing ferriswheel, and watch the obligatory dolphin/seal acts. These were rest breaks between doing the wilder rides. But as it got later in the day, our courage was fast waning. So Daryl and I started to go on one last rollercoaster that looked pretty tame. We got up to the front of the line ... and then chickened out. I could feel my neck tensing up and Daryl could feel his stomach knotting. It was at that point that we called it quits and took our tired and sore bodies home. Oh yeah, walking around for several hours can be a real killer too.

Oh, and one other thing. When standing in line for one of the really cool coasters, Daryl got stung by a yellow jack wasp. He didn't even know it was on him until it stung him under his pant leg! And brother, was it swollen the next day. But Daryl made it through the day like a real trooper and, bottom line, we did enjoy most of the rides. And we got to behave like little kids for a little while.

Hey, and what did I tell you guys about the rain up here lately? We haven't had any of significance since the last hurricane dragged its way thru. But we've got rain hopefully coming this week ... and I think that it is from the remnants of the tropical storm that came ashore down in the south.

Here's wishing that you all enjoy life's little rides ... but watch out for those final bumps! :-)



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