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Hank's report by Judy Tankersley
Dear Janell and Junior,

I'm sorry I'm so absent minded, but I intended to tell everyone that Hank' tests were mostly routine and everything was normal (for our age, of course). There are a few things we complain about daily, but that's another story. It's still great to wake up every morning and be able to climb out of bed without help and feel good.

It was a beautiful day in Tulsa. I worked out side and this aternoon Robert Henry (Bobby or has he prefers ...Rob or Bob) came over and used my computer to do some homework. He seems to love Edison High School (for which we are very glad).
Cindy has a menial job at some store as check out person (I think). I'll have to review this with her, again. She has her house in McGhee leased and will probably continue to rent here until everything is more settled.

The sun is setting so I need to get up and prepare something to eat and get on with my nightly routine.

Love all you out there who reads this!

Judy T.


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