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Thanx for the updates! by Leah Jean
Thanx to all you who keep me up on what my own family is up to. Sandra, Janell, and ... of course ... Mom. After seeing that one msg from you, Sandra, it prompted me to call home to find out what all the hubbub was about. Keep typing in those msgs, Mom.

Ah, so we're talking about Edison High School. Yep, all of the Tankersley clan went there: Henry, Cindy, Jeff, and myself. Even Steve went there, for those of you who ever knew him. [He died at about the age of 15.] It makes me think back. Being only 13 myself, I wasn't real savvy about the world at that time. [Hrumph, and it took quite a few years more for me to catch on to some things.] :-) But at an older age, I remember rummaging through some old legal papers that were in a box tucked up in a closet. And I came across something that you had written, Mom. You were talking about how you had to "lobby" (a conservative description for the words you used) the Tulsa school systems to let someone like Steve (partially blind) attend classes there. Do you know, it had never really dawned on me up till that point that Steve was someone you almost never saw at a typical high school: someone physically challenged. I don't know how you you got him into a public school, but you are really an amazing woman!

Edison High School. Funny what dredging up an old memory can lead to.

Okay, I think I mentioned writing about a golf vacation that Daryl and I went on. Fortunately I'm not planning on going anywhere for about the next few hours. :-0

Daryl had planned this vacation a couple of months in advance. Seems like he was offered a good deal by Acura (yes, the car maker's public relations people) to go play golf on a nationally reknowned course. Some little place called Pinehurst. [Hmmmm. Any of you old duffers taking more notice now?] Yes. Well, anyway ... Daryl just loves to play on cool golf courses. [That's why he puts so many miles on his SUVs.] And what could be more cooler than playing on a golf course that has hosted a Masters tournament (I think it was a Masters anyway.} Anyway, the likes of Tiger Woods has graced its fairways. So we went.

But ... oh ... were we ever watching the weather reports. The first "tropical storm turned hurricane" Ernesto was literally heating up and heading towards land. We were periodically glued to our TVs watching the predicted storm patterns as they unfolded. One day we would be going, "Ahhhhhhh" with relief. The next we would be wipping the sweat from our brows with golf towels. And since we were driving to North Carolina, which was the bigger worry? Driving through the remnents of Ernesto or vainly attending a golf resort with Ernesto present? Maybe both if we were really really unlucky! Yes we contemplated canceling our trip ... off and on.

So at the last minute of leaving on our trip, we started hoping that we would ONLY have to drive thru Ernesto. And maybe the golf courses (200 miles inland) would be playable. Can you ever imagine needing the 2nd half of a vacation to recover from the first? Just glad that we had planned to be home before Labor Day so we would have one day of relaxation from our trip. Actually, I think that a whole 3 day weekend by itself would have been more in line.

So we drove thru Ernesto almost the whole way there. And it was NOT FUN! Thirty minutes into the trip we got to D.C. Sure enough there was a wreck on the cursed beltway around the capital. That delayed our trip by about 30 minutes. Not a good way to start a trip. Oh, by the way, this was Friday morning about 6:00 a.m. in Washington rush hour traffic. Not a pretty sight. You could easily pick out the really neurotic D.C. denizens trying pathetically to move forward in a mass of cars going no where fast. And the traffic was just getting thicker and thicker by the minutes ... which was testing our patience a bit. The rain was steadily coming down while the wind wasn't too strong ... yet.

Fortunately, once we got into Virginia on the other side of D.C. we got moving a lot better but visibility was dropping sharply. The winds were getting real nasty and the roads were very soggy. The Gadget Guru (Daryl) had made a good choice in his Acura MDS with the automatic 4 wheel drive and built in satellite navigation. All you had to do was concentrate on driving and periodically look at the enlarged map display on the car's computer. Plus the built in DVD player in the back seat was nice. But it wasn't ideal to be watching videos in a car that was being buffeted by serious winds. And Daryl said that he could feel the wheels hydroplanning a lot. We lost about another 20 minutes going thru Richmond, Virginia, because of another wreck. And we saw so many other cars along the roads that had spun out or hit another car. We saw a poor family with an obviously vacation packed car off on the side with other cars and police cars around it. Daryl said that one car we passed off well off the road's shoulder must have just spun out right before us because Daryl had seen a big spray of water shortly before. It was really hard to see too far ahead because the rain was being driven sideway with the strong winds. Fortunately, the winds were curving back in over land behind us most of the trip. But they still batted the car no matter what direction they were blowing. I was very happy to let Daryl drive all the way to the resort because we both know that he's better at handling his SUV.

We ... finally ... made it. At least the last hundred miles of the trip were easier as we headed inland and the winds got manageable. And it was a very nice place to arrive at. It is a small resort village nestled in between good sized hills (or small mountains?) covered with forest. The resort had been there for over a hundred years. And so was the inn we stayed in. But the inn was well preserved and was designed to cater to the well-to-do. Geez, I don't even remember the old wood floor creaking!

Well, I can see that this msg is getting a little long and there's a lot to be said for the resort area of Pinehurt. So maybe in a few more days I'll feel like writing again.

So stay tuned, keep in touch, and signing off!


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