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Daddy home from hospital by Leah Jean
Just wanted everybody to know that my dad is home from the hospital as of this morning. And the doc told him that the operation went well ... everything went as planned. Dad has some pieces of metal now helping to support the bad vertebrae in his spine. Now it just has to heal.

I couldn't believe it when I just called home though and he answered the phone! I sure didn't want him running around doing such things. He said that Mom was in the bathroom so she couldn't answer the phone. So that's why it took about 7 rings before he answered.

Needless to say he is very tired though and said that he didn't get much sleep in the hospital because there was construction going on somewhere. And if anyone has stayed in a hospital overnight, you know they always have somebody running around drawing your blood, checking IVs, or whatever at all hours of the night and day. [I should know since I used to be one of those "vampires" who slunk around hospital wards taking the blood from unsuspecting patients. Eh, its a living. ;-)

By the way, Janell, Dad was really touched when you called to check up on him.

Thanx all for the well wishing!


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