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Little Update by Sandra
My Dearest Family,

Where do I start? Ummmm.....That's easy. I start by thanking each and every one of you for your prayers, your support and your love...and the beautiful flowers, the cards and all those precious good wishes. I hope this cyber thanks will suffice until I can do notes to you personally, once I'm off this roller coaster.

I'd very much like to use only "pretty words", as Mom used to say, but I'm a realist and am trying to face my predicament head-on. There isn't a great deal of long term encouragement with a diagnosis of Peritoneal Mesothelioma, since it is so rare and the treatment history is so limited. I was simply shocked when Mesothelioma was mentioned and found it sadly ironic the commonality with my dear brother Bill. Now, to have his strength and courage.

Monday I had PET and CT Scans for Post-Op staging, which were to rule out any indications of metastases or spread before starting treatment. Scans were okay and cleared me for a plan of treatment.

I am being considered and will go next week for consultation with the lead doctor in a Phase II Clinical Trial being done in Dallas. I had been scheduled to start chemo next week but the appointment for the trial consult put it on hold until a decision is made whether or not I am eligible for the trial. God willing, this could be the ray of sunlight for which I've been praying.

Please keep Nancy Downs in your prayers. Some of you may not know that she is very ill and has been on life support in Springdale. As of this morning, she is still without movement on her right side. Your thoughts and prayers are needed for the Downs family.

I love each and every one of you so much and I can't possibly thank you enough for all the many ways you have always enriched my life. I'm humbled and so thankful I have your love and strength to see me through now.

Will keep you posted.

My love,


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