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Weather change with a bang! by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on October 28, 2004 at 20:39:35:

Well, we finally got out of the dry-for-awhile/hurricane remnents cycle. And it did it with a bang ... like as in thunder. Anyway, I was coming out of a store on Saturday and was rather surprised to see some very dark clouds with obviously heavy sheets of moisture falling to the west. And it was really strange because I was only in the store for less than an hour and the sky was perfectly sunny when I went in! And rain had not been predicted that day. [Have I told of this kind of situation before?] Well, the dark clouds were rather isolated in one spot of the sky so it looked pretty spooky. And as I walked out to the car I noticed there was plenty of heavy-duty lightening and thunder too. Of course, my route home took me that direction. Ugh. I thought that I was going to be lucky and skirt the edge of the storm since it was heading northeast towards northern Baltimore and I was kind of south of Baltimore. I did catch one small part but then later hit a much heavier section. The first few "drops" though that hit my car seemed awfully large and heavy. But it didn't sound quite like hail. Got thru that part and thought that I had made it thru when I hit bright sunshine. But it started pouring on me again on the expressway while very sunny. I had to keep a good distance in front of me because it was hard to see with the sunshine glinting off the heavy downpout on my windshield. And it lasted for a few slow miles! It finally stopped and I made it to a local supermarket ... only to be rather shocked to see what looked like snow on some of the windshields in the parking lot! I think the temp. was around the mid-60's that day. I went up to a car and stuck my hand in the substance and it was a very fine sleet! Wow! And this was at the beginning of October?

Later when I got home and listened to the news I heard that marble sized hail had hit some areas. But the worst part was in northern Baltimore where the big little storm had passed over a very busy highway. The people there experienced the same heavy downpour with sunshine and fared a lot worse! There were 90 cars involved in what was said to be about 14 separate accidents along 10 or 20 miles of the highway! It caused the highway heading north to be closed for several hours while the police sorted out the mess. Plus a tanker truck was involved and the environmental cleanup people had to handle the spillage. Sheeeesh! This chain of wrecks actually made the national news so you may have heard of it. ;-)

You really got to love living in this crazy and densely packed area. NOT!

And we've been getting pretty good normal rains since then. :-)



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