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Nothing New by James Deming
Hello dear family,

Thought I'd drop a quick note, even though there is not much new going on here. Work is still about the same, busy busy. I have been interviewing for a better position at MetLife, that would result in a significant rise in responsability (and pay). The job would entail 30-50% travel, which I think I'd like to do for a little while at least. Wish me luck!

I am excited, I ordered a new computer (Finally, mine is 5 years old) and it will be here tomorrow. It has been sitting in the UPS warehouse in Tulsa since yesterday morning, but nobody could tell me where I could go to get it, so I have to wait for the driver to bring it. For those of you (If any) that know's a 2.4GHZ Duo Core 2, 2GB Ram, 250GB Serial ATA Hard Disk. Supposed to be pretty fast!

My trade off for convincing Courtney to buy a new computer was to take her furniture shopping for a new couch and chair. We haven't really found anything in the stores that fits what we want, but did look through a catalog of Thomasville furniture and found a couch that "Looks" like what we want, but it is making me a bit nervous about bying a couch from a catalog not knowing how it "sits". The couch is on sale 50% off until the 3rd, so we'll have to decide by then.

I have just about given up raking leaves in the back yard. I have been leaf blowing the yard into a pile just about every other day, and then shoveling the pile into bags, when I come out the next day it looks like I didn't do anything at all.

Well, thats all that's going on here. Lets hear from everyone else!?!? I know you all are reading......give the rest of us something to read! :-)


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