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Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving! by Sandra
Here's to you, Cindy and Jeff!!! Bottoms up!! We don't need to know how old you are. It's too painful for us! I just remember when you were born that was the Thanksgiving Patricia and I had to cook dinner while Mom went to Tulsa to be with your family. It was hunting season, too, and the Rose boys had come home for hunting, plus Bill brought a friend. They got tough rabbit and lumpy gravy for their Thanksgiving meal! :) Later, when I learned HOW to cook, I was embarrassed to remember that meal!

Stacia, Todd and ZoE had to leave on short notice today for California. Todd's dad is in the hospital and in intensive care for a while. Stacia called and said tonight he was some better and still trying to determine what the problem is. Here's hoping it's nothing but an inconvenience. Naturally, we send our thoughts and prayers.

So, turkey anyone? Any idea the amount of leftovers from an 18 lb. turkey for 4 people? Come on over!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, ALL! We will be thinking of you!



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