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Enough! Enough! by Sandra
Alright, guys, none of this making me cry!! I can't afford the dehydration right now. I could say the same about each and every one of you and mean it with all my heart.

For those of you who do not know, Jim and I will be going to Dallas again tomorrow, as I have been accepted into the Clinical Trial. My first treatment will be Tuesday. If everything works in my favor and I don't have to stop the treatments for any reason, I will be going for chemo every three weeks for six cycles initially. Results will determine the next phase. My consultation went extremely well and I feel very comfortable with the lead doctor and the entire staff.

I've felt a lot of fear the past few weeks, but I'm pushing it aside and stuffing my bag with faith and confidence. I know I ain't gonna feel fantastic at times and, boy, am I gonna be a sight if I lose my hair!

Thank you all so much for all your prayers, thoughts and best wishes. I hold them close to my heart as I make this journey. You are all incredible!

I'll try to post later in the week!

I just love you all to pieces!


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