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Truly, a wonderful family by Mary Frances (Pate) Murray
I take this liberty to let you all know, even though I don't know most of you personally, I still feel a special connection, and am glad to be able to read the Rosenose; I hope no one minds !!! I am so thankful to have met some of you. I think of you all very often with much admiration and love. This love has been handed down from Grandma and Grandpa Pate, Aunt Lucille and my dear Daddy, Charles. I know they all held each one of you in high regards and were glad of their visits with you when possible to make them. Please know I also read your posts and am glad to keep in touch this way.....I do hope no one minds my "eavsdropping". Now, you are in my prayers, dear Sandra and ALL, as you continue this journey. Sandra you are also on my church's prayer list. I thank you and Patricia so very much for the updates. (Sybil and family are in my prayers frequently also). Blessings to you all...........Another Mary.


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