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Only 19 Shopping Days Left by Stacia
(Am I the only one stressed by this???)

We finally made it back from California - after an 11 day unexpected trip, but with a good outcome. Todd's dad was very sick with an infection in his blood, however after 8 days of hospitalization, he is finally home. The whole ordeal was so frightening, and I am so very happy that he is doing better. Sorry to leave you with so much bird, Mom!

Unfortunately, Zoe and I returned home with a cold - ugh! So, while we are trying to recover from that, I am trying to finish up Christmas preparations. Since I did not have time to put away pumpkins before we left for California, I contemplated leaving them out instead of starting over with holiday decorations. I doubt Zoe (or Todd for that matter) would have even noticed! :) However, since it is Zoe's first Christmas, and I have a terrible photography affliction, I MUST decorate a little for her first Christmas photos!

I hope you all are doing well! It was great seeing the whole Tankersley gang when they were in Tulsa! We look forward to many more future gatherings!

Ta Ta!



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