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No one writes... it's lonely out here! by Judy Tankersley
Posted by Judy Tankersley ( on November 01, 2004 at 15:08:54:

Gee Whizz, pardon my bad language, but I thought every one had moved to New Jersey, and I'm awfully tired of playing solitaire! Is life "out there" so busy that no one has time except me to write here. I do come in from outside to read my mail, occasionally, but no letters! (Leah, I've enjoyed your letters, but I'm slightly prejudiced in your favor).

If we don't use this the Demming Family is just throwing away their hard earned money to no avail, and it makes me feel obligated even though they have refused my help. What's the answer? Think about it! So if you are reading this send a message! I would be delighted to read messages on here from every family member! So, give it a try.

Tomorrow is election day and I am eager to hear the results. I hope everyone votes the way I do, but I "sort of" doubt it. But remember to vote. That's my second sermon for the day.

It's been a very pleasant summer, here, in Tulsa, and my flowers are looking good..never as pretty as I would like them, but that will never happen.

Now, every one can write a message much better than this, but even if it isn't, I would love reading it, for I love this big family. You give me a lot of comfort..just thinking about you.

Love to you all, Judy T.


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