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Leaves by Janell Rose
Judy, JR wanted me to send you a message - he said he has LOTS of leaves and needs some help. Seriously, I am embarrassed - today, I walked down the street to take some books to our little retired school teacher, our neighbor on the right does not have a tree in their front yard and he had sacked up 3 big bags of leaves. Our leaves are "shared" up and down the street. JR is the one that planted all the trees on our block.

Julie, Please let John Wesley know we loved the short stories. He really needs to start seriously doing some writing when this mess is over. Oh how we are hoping for good news. I know the time is crawling for all his family in Eureka - as it is for the rest of us. He is always in our thoughts and all of you as well. Blessings to you. JR and Janell


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